Kerb Ramps

What are Kerb Ramps?

Kerb ramps have been designed to allow pedestrians to safely traverse from one height to another, from kerb to road generally.

What are safe kerb ramps?

The safest kerb ramps are those that meet Australian Standards 1428, Design for Access & Mobility. Has the ability to adapt to varying heights of kerbs or step heights. Offer an anti-slip and hi vis surface. Have bolt holes within the corners of the ramp to secure to kerb and ground and are suitable for wheelchairs, push chairs, mobility scooters andfoot traffic up to 350kg in weight.

Where are kerb ramps best used?

As you can see from pictures above and site that requires pedestrians to traverse from one height to another. Most commonly found in and around work sites where footpaths are being repaired or upgraded but access is still required for pedestrians. Whilst permanent kerbs are still being built, temporary kerb ramps are best placed.

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Are kerb ramps easy to install?

A good quality kerb ramp will always offer bolt holes to secure ramp to ground, to stop movement of ramp during use onsite. Simply bolting ramps to ground with removable bolts means the ramp is secure yet no completely permanent and can therefore be removed and used on another site on another occasion. Time taken is less than 5 minutes to install a kerb ramp.

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