Accidents are awful, and every day, councils and governments are looking for different effective ways to improve road safety and minimize the damage of accidents. One of the ways they can achieve this is by using Energy Absorbing Bollards (EABs).

Motor vehicles are essential in today’s society, however having these large metallic machines run around on public roads without proper guidance can be catastrophic. One of the best solutions that most governments have come to embrace is energy-absorbing bollards. EABs are the best way to protect pedestrians, drivers, roadside assets, and vehicles. So, what are EABs, and how do they work?

What are Energy Absorbing Bollards?

These are energy-absorbing objects erected along major roads; they have great mass and the ability to absorb kinetic energy whenever there is a collision. These life-saving structures help create a safe environment on the walkways and other busy streets, including school areas. They are crash tested and have shown impressive results.

The energy-absorbing bollards have a polyurethane foam sleeve which absorbs the energy released during an impact and then distributes it. It has a flexible design that can withstand any impact without damage. The price of energy absorbing bollard’s  can vary depending on what size, features and materials you are requiring.

How do Energy Absorbing Bollards Work?

The EABs work effectively; when there is an accident, they meet the approaching vehicle at an angle. When a collision occurs, the car involved usually rises slightly off the ground. This has two main benefits:

  • It protects the passengers inside the vehicle, pushing them back into their seats and reducing the risk of harm.
  • It deflects the kinetic energy.

The energy-absorbing bollards are crash tested in accordance with Australian Standards to ensure a large margin of protection. There are also retractable EABs; used in selective instances to gain access to secure areas. They have unique designs available and you can access them with remote controls, key switches and smartphones. They also have proximity sensors and LED designs that glow when a vehicle is nearby.

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Where can you install an EAB?

The energy absorbing bollard pricemake them affordable and attractive to install. Please note that the EABs are not suitable for all types of environments. You can use terminal safety bollards in certain areas, which will be quite appropriate. But, if you know of places that need protection from traffic accidents, energy-absorbing bollards are the best choice, for instance:

  • Areas with high pedestrian foot fall
  • In front of assets that might be exposed to vehicular damage
  • Public areas like shopping centres, schools and hospitals
  • Outdoor dining areas

Once you are sure of the application for the energy absorbing bollard, you can begin the planning of the installation process. A consultant will help develop a sound plan and solution to help you. Then, you have to get a quote; the consultation discussion will significantly help in this part of the process and then organize a free site visit. After that, the team will develop a plan and give you a time frame that best works in both your interests. Finally, the installation and completion are done according to your specifications and on the agreed timeline.

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