Energy Absorbing Bollards and Barriers

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Shop Right for Energy-Absorbing Bollards and Barriers

Energy absorbing barriers and bollards are designed to save lives. Backed by rigorous testing, our energy absorbing bollards significantly reduce the risk of injury and fatalities to occupants of vehicles, pedestrians, roadside diners and cyclists, and lessen the potential impact on roadside infrastructure.

If you are looking for energy absorbing bollards, you don’t need to go any further to find the perfect option to suit your needs. Our brand stands for quality, reliability and performance and we offer a range of options and solutions.

Our high-quality energy absorbing bollards are a superior choice for driver and pedestrian safety. The range of products we have to offer are versatile and of the highest quality.

From energy absorbing barriers designed to stop large vehicles, to retractable bollard options that provide flexibility to manage areas required for both traffic and pedestrians, our high-quality energy absorbing bollards mean you won’t have to worry about the safety of your property, customers or pedestrians.

Installing our safety bollards is an excellent way to increase the safety for your property.

The quality of our products doesn’t mean that our energy absorbing bollard will cost you the earth — our desire to provide good quality and compliant products at competitive prices is at the heart of everything we do.

If you want bollards that will deliver on safety and performance and stand the test of time, contact our knowledgeable team for the right advice and a competitive quote for the right products that suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are energy absorbing products?

A: Energy absorbing products are designed and manufactured to decelerate a vehicle and absorb the energy in order to protect passengers within a vehicle.

Q: What energy absorbing products do you have?

A: We have energy absorbing bollards that are the only bollard that meets AS3845:1999, Australian Crash Barrier Standard. We have a high security truck stopper which is also PAS68 certified for hostile vehicle mitigation, energy absorbing crash cushions, energy absorbing end terminals and energy absorbing street light poles.

Q: What is the difference between energy absorbing and frangible?

A: Energy absorbing products are designed to decelerate vehicles and absorb energy, frangible bollards, crash cushions and end terminals are designed to only stop vehicles with no design element to absorb energy, therefore they are not designed to save lives.

Q: Where are energy absorbing bollards suitable?

A: Energy absorbing bollards are suitable for outdoor dining areas where the requirement is for an energy absorbing bollard. They can be used to protect assets including power junction boxes, water assets, petrol bowsers, road assets including cantilever and gantry posts.

Q: Are your crash cushions certified?

A: Yes. Our crash cushions and end terminals also meet AS3845:1999, Australian Crash Barrier Standard and is the only end terminal manufactured in Australia that is energy absorbing.