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Upgrade Security Measures with Road Traffic Signage – Australia

If you’re looking for road signage in Australia, National Safety Products offers a wide range of options to suit every situation.

Our products are designed and manufactured with high-quality standards and compliance in mind. Don’t waste time and money on cheap, poor-quality signs. Our road traffic signs are built to last and will stand the test of time and exposure to the harsh Australian environment. An investment in road work signs from National safety products, will give you better lasting performance, so you can save on maintenance and replacement costs.

For any questions you might have, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. As one of the premier providers of road signage in Australia, we have years of knowledge and experience, and we are always happy to help. If you can’t see what you are after on our website or in our brochure, we can supply a custom solution. Call us to find out more about what we can do for your business and how we design solutions that best fit your project.

At National Safety Products, our commitment to excellence, durability, and quality make up the foundation of our business. If you’re shopping for road signage in Australia and you want options you can count on, shop with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are road guide signs?
A: Road guide signs are used to provide information for road users and pedestrians to find Cities, Towns, Streets, sporting grounds, libraries and other places of interest.
Q: What are guide signs made from?
A: To be compliant to Australian Standards a guide sign must be manufactured from Class 1 Reflective vinyl, have a protective over laminate and be mounted onto a minimum of 1.6mm aluminium sheeting, larger signs will need strutting or bracing on the rear to protect from windy locations.
Q: Where would you find guide signs?
A: Guide signs are often found on the roadside, generally on a post with brackets, facing road users to show road users and passengers where to go.They are in either white, green, brown or blue.
Q: How much does a road sign cost?
A: We offer an extensive range of cost-effective road signs that make it easy to offer a safer environment for your staff, visitors and the general public. Our sign offerings differ in price due to elements including size, materials, finishes and function. Please enquire on our website to receive a price+ quote today!
Q: What are the three types of road traffic signs?
A: The types of road traffic signs can be divided into three categories:
Regulatory: Regulatory signs notify motorists of traffic laws and regulations. These may include stop signs, speed limit signs and one-way signs.
Warning: Warning signs are used to signal unexpected or dangerous conditions ahead that may require motorists or pedestrians to reduce speed or change routes. These may include slippery when wet signs, merging traffic and no passing zone signs.
Guide signs: Guide signs are road signs which advise and inform road users about the route they are following. They give distances and directions to destinations, on the route or along other roads which intersect with the motorist’s route. These may include end freeway sign, exit signs and advance direction signs.

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