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Get the Right Speed Limit, Road Work & Safety Signs

Safety is a crucial concern for all businesses. Whether you need to manage road traffic or pedestrians, road work and road safety signs are a safety measure you shouldn’t ignore. If you are looking to improve road safety and awareness in your construction sites, talk to us and make sure you invest in the right signs.

Have you taken the steps to make sure your worksite has preventive measures in place? Which areas need a road work sign? What speed limit signs will you need? Whether you have or not, contact us at National Safety Products. Not only do we provide an array of signs that make it easy for you to shop for you entire road work signage needs, but we offer sound advice that comes from our years of industry experience.

Our road safety signs are versatile and made to provide mobile, temporary or permanent solutions – depending on what you need.

With an extensive range of choices for road safety signs at competitive prices, we are the ideal partner for your road and traffic management needs. We also offer custom options. Just talk to us. Let us know what you need and let us help you determine which signs are the best fit for your job.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us. Our team is here to assist you through the buying process. Whether you don’t know which option is better or you have issues or concerns, talk to us about them. We can help.

Temporary Signage in Australia

Changes to traffic conditions can be incredibly dangerous if not regulated correctly. Our temporary road signage for traffic management is mainly used for vehicular traffic but also can be used to regulate pedestrian traffic at large events.

On the roads, temporary signage is used to warn motorists and pedestrians of hazards, provide information or give guidance about temporary traffic arrangements. Should there not be sufficient warnings for motorists to adjust their driving, according to the changed conditions, road workers, drivers, passengers and any members of the public passing by may be put in danger.

They may be temporary, but they are just as important as permanent signs. Motorists should be looking out for temporary condition changes and signs reflecting this, even on familiar roads. With the most common temporary signage used being speed limit signs, it is essential drivers are aware of their appearance so they can be alert to them when on the roads. They have a distinctive red circle with a black number signifying the speed limit in kilometres per hour. This speed limit, as displayed on the speed limit road signs, is the maximum speed you are allowed to drive a vehicle. These signs are regulatory and must be obeyed. Neglecting temporary traffic signage can result in penalties for the driver, such as fees and loss of demerit points, as well as extreme danger for the driver, passengers, pedestrians and other cars on the road.

If temporary signage has not been implemented, motorists should only drive to the prescribed speed limit, as per the speed limit road signs, if it is safe to do so. It may not be safe to drive to the speed limit in certain conditions, which may include poor weather or heavy traffic. In these situations, you must slow down to a speed that is sensible considering the prevailing conditions. It is also important drivers are aware of general barsafety speed limits that are not displayed through signage. For example, when passing an emergency vehicle motorists must slow down to 25km/h or a lower speed if required even when the speed limit road signs show a higher speed.

We offer many temporary signage options including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is temporary signage?

A: Temporary signage is signage that is used for short term use and not to be used on site for long periods of time.

Q: Where is temporary signage used?

A: Most often temporary signage is used in traffic management set ups, mainly on roads but also used for events such as concerts, sporting events to delineate both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Q: What types of temporary signage do you have?

A: We offer the full range of temporary traffic signage from speed signs, worker symbolic signage, frames,legs as well as work site safety signs to warn pedestrians about the dangers and restrictions within each work site.

Q: Do these speed limit road signs follow the legal requirements for road work signs in Australia?

A: All signs made by National Safety Products comply with the Australian Standards, nationally agreed standards for traffic sign usage on the road network, which have been adopted by all jurisdictions across the nation. We have an extensive range of legally compliant road safety signs at competitive prices, making us your ideal partner for any road and traffic management needs.

Q: Why are temporary road work safety signs important?

A: Temporary road work safety signs are crucial for protecting both workers and drivers. They provide clear warnings about hazards, lane closures, speed limits, and detours, promoting safe navigation through construction zones. These signs reduce accidents, minimise disruptions, and ensure the well-being of everyone on the road.

Q: What materials are these signs made from?

A: Our road safety signs are made from Corflute material.

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