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Road Safety Bollards & Traffic Barriers

Get Better Safety Barriers and Traffic Barricade Options with Us

Ensure the safety and security of your work site by investing in quality safety traffic barriers. At National Safety Products, we provide an extensive range of safety road barricades for all types of projects, and uses.  

Whether you’re looking for mobile plastic barricade fence options or better impact protection measures, our range of durable and high-quality barricades and safety bollards provides you with an array of options to choose from. From heavy duty crowd control barriers and traffic barricades to more temporary solutions such as traffic cones, bunting and barrier mesh National Safety Products will ensure you have the right type of barriers for you needs.

Our emphasis on quality means we provide you with products that are built to the highest quality and compliance standards.

With options that are flexible, durable and cost effective, we make it easy for you to offer a safer environment for your staff, visitors and the general public. If you are looking for competitive safety barricade prices and safety products that address your specific needs, contact us for a quote today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you use your barrier systems on worksites?
A: Yes - All of our barrier systems are purpose built for worksites all over Australia. They can be used on large scale construction sites and can also be used on smaller sites.

Q: What can the barriers be used for?
A: Our safety barriers have many uses, from work sites to keep workers out of harms way, they can be used to delineate traffic from pedestrians, they can be used to keep pedestrians away from excavated holes. Our barriers can also be used for events from festivals to concerts to sporting events. They also come with reflective stickers for Hi-Vis applications.

Q: Are your barriers recyclable?
A: Yes - Our barriers are all 100% recyclable, we also have the world’s first barrier system made from PCR or post-consumer recycled plastic.

Q: Are your barriers non-conductive?
A: Yes - They are all non-conductive, meaning they can be used in and around powerlines where standard metal fencing cannot. This means that all our barriers can be used in the Rail Sector and in particular near tram sites.

Q: Are your barriers durable?
A: Yes - Our barriers are as durable, if not more durable, than standard temporary metal barriers. They are also available in different lengths, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications with the ability to add extra weight under extreme windy locations.


"We work closely with SA Water and are often excavating into the road to replace pipes, so time on site is critical as is ensuring we do not delay traffic too long. We purchased The National Safety Product Road Plates and have been very happy with the ease of use, the extra safety benefits and the time we save with set up and pack up daily. We highly recommend these road plates to anyone working in the road."

Mark Miller, Director, Fleurieu Civil

"We have been using the Road Plates, we had our guys try them and they were pretty successful, they actually asked for some more, they were that keen on them. Certainly, they have been ideal for our situation. We lay gas for APA Group; inlets, mains extensions, all types of gas work. The main benefit of the Road Plate is that it saves time: time with backfilling, digging up, it saves time every morning. They have been a real winner for us."

Steve Minear, Safety Manager, Seychell Constructions