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Energy Absorbing Bollard

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The Energy Absorbing Bollard (EAB) — formally known as Omni Stop Bollard — is a non-redirective crash attenuator tested under AS/NZS3845:1999. The EAB was designed for low speed environments where the operating speed is 60 km/h or less for a 1,600kg vehicle. At the vehicle’s point of impact, the EAB’s cartridge located at the base of the steel bollard absorbs the impact energy and safely decelerates the vehicle.

IAS’s patented Energy Absorbing Bollards (EAB) are designed, developed and manufactured in Australia. It not only provides protection for pedestrians from an out of control vehicle, but also provides protection to the occupants of the errant vehicle.

Purchasing our traffic safety products such as energy absorbing bollards and barriers, comes with a range of advantages and features:

• Australian Certified Products Only

• Award Winning Patented Safety Solutions

• Australian Owned Company

• Innovative Products

• Service Guaranteed

• Quality Guaranteed

• Competitive Pricing

• Environmentally Sustainable Products

National Safety Products offer a range of energy absorbing products that are high-quality and reliable — and deliver on performance. Our energy absorbing bollards and barriers are a superior choice for safety and will offer the right solution to ensure the safety of your pedestrians, customers, staff and property.

Flat Top:

The flat top bollard is a part of IAS’s contemporary bollard range. It is constructed from marine grade stainless steel with a brushed polish finish. The bollard comes with the option of being fixed or retractable and can be augmented with lights and sensors. This makes it ideal for prominent locations such as city centres, shopping malls and sporting areas. It can function independently or as a system of bollards connected to a Smart City network.

Dome Top:

The dome top bollard is a part of IAS’s traditional bollard range. It is constructed from mild steel and features are smooth dome with distinctive grooves.It’s simple and inconspicuous design make it a popular choice for many public areas. It is ideal for public places such as alfresco dining areas, busstops, beach access roads and in the country.

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"We work closely with SA Water and are often excavating into the road to replace pipes, so time on site is critical as is ensuring we do not delay traffic too long. We purchased The National Safety Product Road Plates and have been very happy with the ease of use, the extra safety benefits and the time we save with set up and pack up daily. We highly recommend these road plates to anyone working in the road."

Mark Miller, Director, Fleurieu Civil

"We have been using the Road Plates, we had our guys try them and they were pretty successful, they actually asked for some more, they were that keen on them. Certainly, they have been ideal for our situation. We lay gas for APA Group; inlets, mains extensions, all types of gas work. The main benefit of the Road Plate is that it saves time: time with backfilling, digging up, it saves time every morning. They have been a real winner for us."

Steve Minear, Safety Manager, Seychell Constructions