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Energy Absorbing Bollard - Retractable Gas Strut

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The EAB-GS is a product of Impact Absorbing Systems Pty Ltd designed and manufactured in South Australia. It is a retractable gas strut-operated Energy Absorbing Bollard. The retracting mechanism is fitted with a key, which when turned initiates automatic raising of the bollard. The bollard is retracted by simply pushing it down with your own hands.

Speed : 60km/h or less

Vehicle mass : 1,600kg

Lift assist: Gas struts

Gas struts rate: Approximately 700N

Security lock : Lock for triangular key

Protection class : IP67

Operating temperature : -30°C / 20°C

Impact resistance : 6615 KJ

Height above ground : 1000mm

Footing depth : 800mm

Installation : Excavate with concrete footing

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