The High Security Energy Absorbing Bollard (EAB-HS) is an on-redirective crash attenuator tested under BSI PAS 68 standards.

The EAB-HS was designed for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation where the operating speed is up to 48 km/h for a 7,500kg vehicle.

At the vehicle’s point of impact, the EAB-HS’s cartridge located at the base of the steel bollard, absorbs the impact energy and safely decelerates the vehicle. In addition to BSI PAS 68, the EAB-HS is also compliant with AS/NZS 3845:1999 and can safely stop a 1,600kg vehicle travelling up to 60 km/h.

IAS’s patented High Security Energy Absorbing Bollards (EAB-HS) are designed, developed and manufactured in Australia. It does not only provide protection to pedestrians from an out of control vehicle, but also provides protection to the occupants of the errant vehicle.

In addition to high security bollards, National Safety Products offer a variety of energy absorbing products that are high-quality and reliable. Our energy absorbing products are all high-performance choices when it comes to safety and deliver the right solution to ensure the safety of pedestrians, customers, staff and property.

Purchasing our traffic safety products such as energy absorbing bollards, comes with a range of advantages and features:

• Australian Certified Products Only

• Award Winning Patented Safety Solutions

• Australian Owned Company

• Innovative Products

• Service Guaranteed

• Quality Guaranteed

• Competitive Pricing

• Environmentally Sustainable Products



Meets the requirements of the BSI PAS 68 standard for hostile vehicle mitigation

Compliant with Australian Crash Barrier Standard AS/NZS 3845:1999(60km/h)

Stops vehicles from entering pedestrian areas while not restricting pedestrian access

Energy Absorbing CARTRIDGE safely decelerates the vehicle and absorbs the energy during collision to protect


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