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LowPro 12/8 Footway Board

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The underside and edge of the Low Pro 12/8 are made from a soft surface underneath the board and helps to reduce any unwanted movement as it is anti-slide, non pinned and self weighted.

It's innovative design reduces installation time as there is no need to bolt the product down. Rubber edges can be replaced to extend the product life.

Complies with Australian Standards 3996 and 1428

Pedestrian/ Footway board

Suitable for a 700mm trench and 2 tonnes vehicle

Reduces noise pollution and noise complaints

Central section made of glass reinforced composite

Shock resistant, patented Flexi-Edge technology

Anti-slide, non-pinned and self- weighted

Robust and long-lasting

Colour and logo customisation MOQ applies)

Designed and manufactured in the UK

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