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LowPro 15/05 Road Plate

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There's no need for heavy lifting equipment as the road plate only weighs 42kg and can be installed in minutes with only two people. The integrated anti-skid surface, which exceeds current road plate standards, provides positive traction, for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The innovative flexible edge reduces unwanted noise, improving the quality of life in residential areas.

*Australian Certified Products Only

*Award Winning Patented Safety Solutions

*Australian Owned Company

*Innovative Products

*Service Guaranteed

*Quality Guaranteed

*Competitive Pricing

*Environmentally Sustainable Products

Complies with Australian Standard 3996 and 1428

Heavy-duty modular road plate for highways and pavements

Suitable for 44T vehicles over a 700mm trench

2 person lift

Drop-pins prevent lateral movement

Moulded anti-slip surface

Hi–Vis yellow encourages traffic calming

Patented flexi-edges reduce noise pollution

Faster than installing steel plates

Available with stillage

Spare parts available

Designed & manufactured in the UK

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"We work closely with SA Water and are often excavating into the road to replace pipes, so time on site is critical as is ensuring we do not delay traffic too long. We purchased The National Safety Product Road Plates and have been very happy with the ease of use, the extra safety benefits and the time we save with set up and pack up daily. We highly recommend these road plates to anyone working in the road."

Mark Miller, Director, Fleurieu Civil

"We have been using the Road Plates, we had our guys try them and they were pretty successful, they actually asked for some more, they were that keen on them. Certainly, they have been ideal for our situation. We lay gas for APA Group; inlets, mains extensions, all types of gas work. The main benefit of the Road Plate is that it saves time: time with backfilling, digging up, it saves time every morning. They have been a real winner for us."

Steve Minear, Safety Manager, Seychell Constructions