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Navigate Safely with Our Regulatory Traffic Signs

Our regulatory signage involves and extensive range of products that are compliant with Australian rules and regulations when it comes to road safety. Here at National Safety Products, we supply good quality regulatory and compliant signage at competitive rates to various sectors including construction, utilities, rail, traffic management and more.

Some of the regulatory signage available includes, stop signs, parking signs, bicycle prohibition, bus only, disabled parking and many more. For further assistance regarding regulatory signage please contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of regulatory signage?

A: Regulatory signage instructs drivers of their legal obligations when on Australian roads. This can include things such as speed limits, prohibited movements, parking controls and much more.

Q: How do regulatory traffic signs differ from other types?

A: Regulatory traffic signs differ from other types as they are legal obligations that drivers must obey such as speed limits or prohibited movements whereas other signs can be used to alert dangers ahead or other warning signs.

Q: What colors and shapes are commonly used in regulatory signage?

A: Regulatory signs are commonly red, black, green or blue with a white background depending on their purpose. Some common shapes also include square, rectangular or round.

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