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Improve Your Safety with Our Ground Cable Protection Products

At National Safety Products, we can supply all of your worksites safety products including a high-quality range of products for ground and cable protection.

We provide high-performing options for 3-channel cable protectors, ideal for electrical cables, hoses and more. Our durable,heavy-duty cable and hose bridge products are made from high-quality materials and have been tested, approved and manufactured to provide excellent and long-lasting performance – something you can expect from every product found on our website.


For superior ground coverage and protection, our EnduraMat and ClearpathMat ranges offer ideal solutions for pedestrians and heavy vehicles. Our Clearpath Mat price range and EnduraMat price ranges both offer you affordable choices that will fit your budget and needs.

Explore our range online or in our brochure, or contact us for more products and professional advice to help you choose the right product for your needs. Whether you’re shopping for 3-channel cable protectors, heavy-duty cable and hose bridge products, or more, National Safety Products stands for quality, durability, and excellence.

From product choice, to ordering, payment and delivery, we make sure you are happy with the advice and products and experience you receive. Contact us today to discuss your worksite safety requirements with an experienced professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do road plates work?

A: Our road plates are designed to replace heavy and dangerous steel plates. They can be installed onto a road to take the weight of up to a 44 tonne vehicle over a maximum 1200mm wide trench and can be brought to site in the back of a ute and installed within minutes by a 2 person crew, no heavy lifting, no heavy transport vehicles required.

Q: Who would use road plates?

A: Road plates are commonly used by all road construction, utility construction, hire companies.

Q: Are the road plates approved for road use?

A: Our road plates are approved by all road authorities within Australia and New Zealand and are recommended and approved for use on APA sites.

Q: What are trench covers?

A: Our trench covers are designed and manufactured to stop pedestrians and light vehicles from falling into holes and trenches. Our trench covers are also known as driveway boards and have the ability to take the weight of a 3.5 tonne vehicle over a 900mm wide trench.

Q: Are your trench covers compliant?

A: Yes, our trench covers meet and exceed AS3996 & 1428, access for covers and grates and design for access & mobility.

Q: What are kerb ramps?

A: Kerb ramps are designed as a temporary measure to re-direct traffic down walkways from one level to another and to reduce the possibility of tripping or falling from one level to another. Our kerb ramps meet and exceed AS1428 design for access and mobility.

Q: What is a bog mat?

A: A bog mat – also known as Enduramat – is designed to stop vehicles, both heavy and light, from slipping and bogging in wet and muddy areas. The added benefit is that they also mean less repatching of lane once completed use.

Q: What are cable covers?

Cable covers are trafficable covers that allow light cables, conduit and pipe to be covered so that light and heavy vehicles can travers over without damaging cables, conduit and pipe.

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