Superior ground protection bog mat designed for heavy plant and pedestrians.

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EnduraMat Price

For superior ground coverage and protection, our EnduraMat offers the ideal solution for pedestrians and heavy vehicles.

Designed for outdoor use, the EnduraMat grants access in bad ground conditions. It can be used as a temporary roadway; it is suitable for cars, forklifts, diggers, trucks, cranes and vehicles up to 80 tonnes. Driving over EnduraMat with a heavy load will not cause significant damage to the ground. With small grips on the top and large grips on the bottom, the EnduraMat is suitable for vehicle and pedestrian access.

The EnduraMat price range offers you a quality option to fit your needs. Contact us today and request a quote for the EnduraMat price.


  • Australian certified
  • Multifunctional
  • Suitable for heavy traffic up to 80 tonnes
  • Lightweight and heavy-duty connectors available
  • Colour and logo customisation (MOQ applies)
  • Quick and easy to install (50m2 covered in 15 minutes)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Suitable for pedestrians
  • Create a large protected area using connectors
  • Available in full and half size
  • *Please enquire for the EnduraMat price

At National Safety Products we can supply all of your worksite safety products including a high-quality range of products for ground and cable protection. From product choice, to ordering, payment and delivery, we make sure you are happy with the advice and products and experience you receive. Contact us today to discuss your worksite safety requirements with an experienced professional.

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Suitable for heavy traffic up to 80 tonnes

Lightweight and heavy-duty connectors available

Colour and logo customisation (MOQ applies)

Quick and easy to install, 50m2 covered in 15 minutes

100% recyclable

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Full Size, Half Size


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