Safest road plates

What are road plates?

Road plates are heavy duty plates used to cover excavations or holes in the road. Previously the industry has been using steel plates, but now there is a composite modular plastic road plate that offers more flexibility, efficiency and safety to worksites.

Who uses road plates?

Most often it is the construction industry. Within the construction industry you will most likely find them in and around utilities, water, gas and electric.

How are road plates installed?

Previously, with steel road plates, installation would involve heavy vehicle transportation and installation at the site. Mobilisation of heavy lifting equipment, such as a front-end loader to unload and place the plates onto roads. Once plates were placed over the excavation, cold mix asphalt is applied around all edges.
But now, with the availability of composite modular plastic road plates, installation is simple and easy and does not need heavy vehicles or equipment.

What are the safest road plates?

The safest road plate available is the composite modular plastic road plate.

What determines safe road plates?

The high safety of modular plastic road plates is not just about how they work, but the ability to lift the plates manually without the use of heavy lifting equipment. They are light enough to not cause server injury upon installation, but heavy duty enough to withstand traffic and heavy vehicles.

How long does it take to install composite modular road plates?

Modular plastic road plates are simple and easy to install. A 5m section of road plates usually takes less than 10 minutes for a 2-person crew to install.

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Are composite modular road plates allowed on Australian Roads?

Composite modular road plates are approved in all Australian States and territories for use on all roads for speeds up to 60km/h. All work sites speed limits are reduced to either 40km/h or 25km/h so there is no work site that the plates cannot be used.

safest modular road plate

The Fulton Hogan Utilities team inspecting the safety benefits the composite modular plastic road plates offer, and were amazed at how quick and easy set up and installation was!

safest plastic road plates

All smiles from The Diona Crew in Melbourne learning the safety benefits of composite modular plastic road plates

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