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Energy Absorbing Bollard - Automatic Hydraulic

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The EAB-RH is a product of Impact Absorbing Systems Pty Ltd designed and manufactured in South Australia. Its predecessor the EAB is a fixed bollard that could arrest and safely decelerate the motion of an errant motor vehicle weighing 1,600kg and meets the criteria of AS/NZ3845:1999.

Incorporating those properties in the EAB-RH is one thing; however, designing a failsafe automated extension and retraction motion is another. The EAB-RH brings to the table traditional safety deceleration features along with the convenience of retraction for selected accessibility.

Design with LED lights on the top and a proximity sensor to stop the bollards motion during detection of any moving/stationary object above the bollard.

Stainless steel sleeve – protect the bollard from scratch.

Controller cable and hydraulic hoses

Hydraulic power pack – 12V DC Single phase

Control box – custom programmable (PLC)

Access control option such as key lock switch, mobile phone, desktop, touch screen, RF control, Creston handheld remote, RFID and Traffic light (Omnicom)

Sump pumps - option for poor drainage or storm water location.

Installation – Excavate with concrete footing

Vehicle impact speed and mass – 60kph with 1,600kg

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