Introducing the new non-conductive fencing options available through National Safety Products.

Temporary metal fencing is the traditional way of securing a work zone or site, which in most applications provides all the protection and security contractors need. When a non-conductive option is required however, options are scarce.

‍National Safety Products have now introduced a range of fully non-conductive fencing solutions which meet the requirements often set out in and around electrical work zones and sites. Ranging from 1 metre high and 1 metre wide barrier systems, to full height 2 metre long fencing (larger or custom sizes are also available).

Why Choose National Safety Products Non Conductive Fence?

‍Working closely with market leading and award winning UK manufacturer Oxford Plastics, National Safety Products range of non-conductive fencing is revolutionizing the fencing market in Australia and New Zealand and providing contractors with exciting new products.

‍All of the safety barrier and fencing options meet and often exceed current market place standards and allow contractors to have the peace of mind that should the unexpected happen, their workers, worksite and members of the public will be safe with the innovative non-conductive range.

‍The range is fully recyclable and can be supplied in corporate colours and branded to suit a contractors needs. Each product is a one person lift – some units are modular allowing even greater flexibility and versatility – and can be deployed in a matter of minutes. This also means transport to site is easy and quick, no waiting around for your temporary fencing to be delivered.

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Also available through National Safety Products are non-conductive fence pins. Where temporary fencing may be difficult to erect or simply not required, the non-conductive fence pins can be used to penetrate the ground without risk when erecting bunting, barrier mesh or markers.

Enquire with us for more information or to arrange a free site demonstration!‍

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